So why do you have a blog in the first place? It is okay to admit that it's part of your digital marketing strategy, and a great blog can be a key part of that strategy. The problem is when you treat your blog as a tool to achieve some marketing goal. Going viral and getting people to sign up to with your mailing list are the benefits of having a great blog, and that doesn't just happen because you've sat down and written any old garbage. As for SEO, while it's good to keep search engines in mind as you construct each post, remember that Google changes their algorithms all the time, and each change looks to reward quality content while banishing keyword-stuffed pages into obscurity. Your blog is a chance to engage, entertain, educate and illuminate your readers. The readers need to be your number one priority when you write; write exclusively for their benefit and the rest of your digital marketing strategy will fall into place naturally.

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