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Arbitration Services

All private disputes in the Próspera ZEDE, including labor disputes, are by default decided by arbitration by the PAC unless specifically stipulated otherwise. Furthermore, the PAC leverages the infrastructure, experience and reputation arising from its role as the default arbitration services provider of the Próspera ZEDE to offer a wide variety of other services. The alternative dispute resolution services of the PAC include binding/non-binding and public precedential/private non-precedential arbitration administered and decided by Senior Arbiters, Arbiters and Arbitral Officers, as further detailed in the section titled, “Our Divisions.”


To initiate an arbitration proceeding, please download the Initiating Party Service Agreement and return a signed copy to, along with a brief statement of the nature of your dispute. 

Forms, Fees and Calculations

Although the fee structure of the PAC varies depending on the type of case and in specific instances on the amount in controversy, it is always competitive, simple and transparent. Parties pay an administration fee that is scaled according to the amount of the claim/counterclaim with respect to cases conducted according to the arbitration rules of the PAC or that have been submitted or referred to PAC for arbitration. Cases in which an arbiter are appointed are also subject to a flat appointment fee.

Online Services

The PAC has worked with a team of international experts to design an Alternative Dispute Resolution platform that makes it a global leader in online arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution and supports its efforts to advance the Rule of Law around the world. This cutting-edge platform combines the cost-effectiveness and speed of arbitration and mediation with the ease and convenience of the internet and includes, among other things, functions required for the submission and archiving of documents, case-management and the hosting of online hearings/meetings. It also includes expert research, forms and search functions to enable lawyers to provide their clients with a superb customer experience at an affordable price and in a timely manner.

Apply to Become an Arbiter

Are you interested in joining our team? You can submit an online application here to join our talented team of arbiters. 

You can also download a PDF copy of the application here and send to

Other Services

By establishing itself as the preeminent arbitration center in Latin America, the PAC will also seek to provide additional services, including:

  • Professional Training

    The PAC will be positioned to cooperate with world-class institutions to provide continuing legal education online as well as in person professional training; and

  • Digital Platforms

    The PAC will be positioned to provide digital platforms to the Promoters & Organizers of other ZEDE to support their own arbitration centers.

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